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  • 11-6-13 What a bright beautiful morning! All the dead brown leaves and grass are covered in a brilliant white this morning. I'm not especially looking forward to months and months of snow but I do still look on that first snowfall it with childhood wonder. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Yes...a crafty friend made me an acorn necklace several years ago! One day I found it in my dresser drawer with lots of funny little holes in each I don't really like to let acorns in the house, although I was inspired by your cute little acorn faces!! We have lots of them this year.


Theresa, yikes! That video is too much! My little acorns were placed in a ziplock bag. I've read online that you can bake them and that will kill any weevils that might be hiding.


Lisa, doesn't it make you wonder where those weevils went? :o) The little acorn face picture is one from online, not ours.

Gina, I had a friend comment to me that they collected them every day and are freezing them and going to grind them into flour. I don't think I could do it! I'd forever be wondering if I was eating ground weevil!

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