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  • 11-6-13 What a bright beautiful morning! All the dead brown leaves and grass are covered in a brilliant white this morning. I'm not especially looking forward to months and months of snow but I do still look on that first snowfall it with childhood wonder. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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It is nice to have a day-at-home with no running out!
I also like the little book called "The Pot that Juan Built" based on a real-life native Mexican. :)
Keep up the good work: teacher, Mama, auntie, wife, friend!


I was looking forward to staying home today too. We had two weddings and a birthday party this past week and I was so tired. Some days it feels good just to know you don't have to be anywhere :)

I tried to subscribe but was unable to :(

Hilary Cook

After staying up with my sick daughter last night, I would love to be home today resting with her instead of working. My son is the same way about writing. He once asked me how many reports he would have to write to become a history teacher. I told him at least one per class. It wasn't a lie. lol


Love the Word. Amen!

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